3 Cleveland Browns who won’t be back in 2023 and why

Kevin Stefanski, Cleveland Browns. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Kevin Stefanski, Cleveland Browns. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /
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Kevin Stefanski, Cleveland Browns
Kevin Stefanski, Cleveland Browns. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /

Given the preseason aspirations, it wasn’t necessarily a down season from the Cleveland Browns perspective. Still, there will be plenty of turnover.

It was an up-and-down season for the Browns, one which ended with a loss to the rival Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday. Kevin Stefanski spoke to his team’s fight postgame, but would not commit to any changes to the coaching staff — though some will certainly come in time.

Cleveland could improve over the offseason, especially if they surround Deshaun Watson — who they acquired last offseason amidst a civil suit for sexual assault — with talent. On the field, Watson is one of the best quarterback in football when healthy, but he hadn’t played meaningful snaps since 2020.

Off the field, Watson is one of the more reviled players in the game. But the Browns hope Watson can put some of that behind him and move forward a new player and man. The rest of us, understandably, aren’t so quick to move on and perhaps never will.

The roster around Watson and Stefanski will look much different next year thanks to the Cleveland front office. Here’s what to expect:

Browns who won’t be back: Jadeveon Clowney

Jadeveon Clowney was dismissed from the team this week thanks to comments he made about the defensive strategy and Myles Garrett. He also stated that he expected to get his pink slip, and he was right.

So what went wrong?

Clowney’s sack numbers haven’t been relevant in years, but he does create quarterback pressure on a consistent basis. Nonetheless, Clowney wasn’t the main focus of the defensive gameplan. Instead, that was Garrett, who is one of the best defensive players and pass rushers in the NFL.

“You’re all trying to get [Garrett] into the Hall of Fame instead of winning games,” Clowney said. “I don’t even think [Garrett] notices. I ain’t trying to say it’s him. I try to get along with everybody I play with. Me and him don’t have a problem. It ain’t his fault, and it’s B.S., and I don’t have time for it.”

Clowney was upset because he’s not the focus of Cleveland’s defensive line, and won’t be next year, either. That’s because he’ll be featured on a different team, and you can bet this outburst will cost him some money in free agency.