Packers: Latest report calls Aaron Rodgers return into question

QB Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers. (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
QB Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers. (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /

The Green Bay Packers would prefer Aaron Rodgers return as their quarterback, but per Ian Rapoport, No. 12 is considering all his options.

Aaron Rodgers didn’t sound convinced that he’d return to the Green Bay Packers next season when he walked off the field at Lambeau. Rodgers wouldn’t give his jersey to Jameson Williams, increasing speculation that it was his final start as a Packer.

At his postgame presser, Rodgers stated he wanted to remove emotion from the decision, and wouldn’t commit to his future at that time. Rodgers met with Packers management during the week and will likely discuss his future at some point in the coming weeks.

Rodgers signed a new contract last offseason, and it will guarantee him near-$60 million if he plays in 2023. Leaving that money on the table would be ill-advised if he has anything left in the tank. But is his playing future limited to just Green Bay?

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Given the facts we now know, it’s not surprising that Rodgers is questioning his future. However, when Green Bay signed Rodgers to a new deal, they surely didn’t think No. 12 would reconsider his future after just one year.

Whether the Packers should want Rodgers to return at all is in question. Green Bay has his heir-apparent, Jordan Love, waiting in the wings. Allowing Rodgers to walk, or retire, would also open up a boatload of salary cap space.

More importantly, Green Bay has been through this awkward exchange before with Brett Favre. Is it really the type of behavior they want to encourage? In a recent column, I wrote about why the Packers should honor Rodgers, but welcome life without him.

"“Given the Packers have been through this before with Favre almost makes it easier this time around. It’s rare for any player to spend their entire career with one organization, and as much as Green Bay would love for that to be the case with Rodgers, it will not impact his legacy at the frozen tundra.”"

Rodgers will forever be remembered as a Packer. Given his career worsts in QBR and interceptions this year, it might be best to leave the past in the past.

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