5 CFB quarterback recruits who will be better than Arch Manning

Arch Manning Texas football. Mandatory Credit: Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports
Arch Manning Texas football. Mandatory Credit: Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports /
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Arch Manning College football recruiting
Eli Holstein, Alabama Crimson Tide. Mandatory Credit: USA Today Sports, Syndication: Shreveport Times/The Times /

Arch Manning is the No. 1 QB and player in the 2023 college football recruiting class but these five quarterbacks have a chance to be even better.

For the past couple of years, Arch Manning has been the toast of the college football recruiting world, and for good reason. Not only is he the nephew of Peyton and Eli Manning (son of Cooper), but the Isidore Newman product out of New Orleans has earned his 5-star label as the top overall recruit and top quarterback prospect in the 2023 class.

Of course, we know that Arch Manning is heading to play for the Texas Longhorns, a decision made in June 2022 after his every move was watched with eager anticipation to see where he’d end up. Manning hasn’t wavered either as he appears set on joining Steve Sarkisian’s team.

For as good as Manning is, though, the combination of situation and raw talent for other recruits headed elsewhere in college football create an interesting dynamic. Put simply, they have the chance to end up being better than Arch Manning.

These five quarterbacks fit that bill as they make their way to the college ranks.

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Arch Manning: 5 college football recruits who will be better than Texas QB

Eli Holstein is raw but might have more raw talent than Arch Manning

Of the names on this list, Eli Holstein is by far the least household name in the recruiting world, even as a 4-star prospect. Also from Louisiana like Manning, he’s headed to play for the Alabama Crimson Tide and Nick Saban has a fascinating young quarterback joining the program.

Holstein has shot up recruiting rankings throughout his high school career, Holstein really helped himself (though it was beyond his control) with a growth spurt that now has him listed at an impressive 6-foot-4, 222 pounds. What makes him even more enticing, though, is the tools he brings to the table with that terrific frame.

One of the big pluses for Arch Manning is his mobility, but Holstein has that as well with overall athleticism. Where Holstein has Manning beaten, though, is with his arm strength. He has a rocket attached at the shoulder and can be an elite deep passer.

The big key for Holstein is development. He’s far less technical as a quarterback overall than Manning, but he has a superior set of tools. In the Alabama program and with the exciting potential of a new offensive coordinator coming to Tuscaloosa, the upside of Holstein gives him the opportunity to eventually become better than the No. 1 recruit.

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