NFL Rumors: DeAndre Hopkins subtly disses Aaron Rodgers without saying a word

DeAndre Hopkins, NFL rumors, Aaron Rodgers (Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images)
DeAndre Hopkins, NFL rumors, Aaron Rodgers (Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images) /

DeAndre Hopkins got to tell his story with just his body language. Those “words” didn’t speak kindly about Aaron Rodgers or the Jets.

DeAndre Hopkins could be on the move this offseason or early on in the 2023 season. So far, NFL rumors indicate there hasn’t been much interest in the star wide receiver due to the massive amount of cap space he would eat — he’s due nearly $20 million this season — if the Cardinals don’t pick any of his salary up as a part of the deal.

But the draft always stokes up the coals on the trade grill, and if not that, disappointing early offensive results for competitive teams or an injury could have teams getting desperate to get a wide receiver. Eventually, Hopkins will be traded.

But to where? That’s the question. So far, the interest has been tempered completely by that massive contract. We also haven’t gotten a ton of insight on where Hopkins wants to go.

DeAndre Hopkins reveals a limited list of desired landing spots

CBS released a pretty cool concept of a video with Hopkins. They let him give his thoughts on various possible new teams, but he had to do it without saying anything. All he did was use his body language.

CBS tossed up these teams to Hopkins:

  1. Patriots
  2. Bills
  3. Jets
  4. Chiefs

His reaction to the Bills and Chiefs, as you might imagine, was pretty positive. A little sly, but you can tell he’d definitely relish the opportunity to catch passes from Patrick Mahomes or Josh Allen and compete in the AFC.

But when he was offered Mac Jones (Patriots) and Aaron Rodgers (Jets), he had a not-so-great facial reaction.

For Jones, that makes sense. He has yet to prove the same level of success as Allen and especially Mahomes in the postseason. But Rodgers is a Super Bowl-winning QB and a multi-time MVP. Why doesn’t he want to catch passes from him?

Rodgers isn’t an official Jet just yet, the trade has yet to go through, but it does seem like he will. Maybe the whole Rodgers circus, especially with the trade potentially in-doubt, doesn’t appeal to Hopkins.

An insider also recently ruled the Jets out of the Hopkins race anyway, so maybe Hopkins just knows this is far-fetched in the first place.

Or, perhaps he sees more of a future playing with Allen or Mahomes. After all, the Jets could possibly just have Rodgers for this season. Who knows what’s next after this year?

Regardless, if Hopkins has any say, don’t expect to see him with the Jets.

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