When is the 2023 NFL schedule released?

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports) /

The 2023 NFL schedule release will be here before NFL fans know it now that some of the major storylines of the offseason have been resolved.

The NFL has turned the annual NFL schedule release into a spectacle, and why not? Fans are eager to find out how their favorite team will be challenged in the coming season. And, of course, it’s essential to start planning personal schedules around the new slate as early as possible.

So when will the NFL reveal the 2023 schedule?

Thanks to Adam Schefter we now have a bit of an answer

When is the 2023 NFL schedule released?

The NFL plans to have the new schedule out on Thursday, May 11, according to Schefter’s sources.

Apparently there is a meeting with Roger Goodell and scheduling czar Howard Katz scheduled for Monday. Now that the NFL Draft is complete, the league can move forward with finalizing it.

“With Aaron Rodgers traded and Lamar Jackson signed, the coast is clear to move ahead and lock it in,” Schefter said in a tweet.

The NFL obviously needed to know whether Rodgers would be a Jet and Jackson would be a Raven before locking in the schedule. However, it’s been clear for quite a while that those outcomes were inevitable.

Rodgers made it clear weeks ago that he wanted to play in New York. It just took time for the Packers and Jets to work out a trade and the looming NFL Draft took care of that.

As for Jackson, his future in Baltimore was unclear with a trade request on the table, but momentum had been swinging towards a return to the Ravens with a record-setting contract in hand.

All that means the NFL shouldn’t need too much time to finalize the schedule. If they think it’ll come out on May 11 as of the end of the NFL Draft, then it’s safe to say it’ll come either on that day or soon after.

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