NBA Rumors: Damian Lillard is ‘not doing Boston’

Portland Trail Blazers point guard Damian Lillard. (Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports)
Portland Trail Blazers point guard Damian Lillard. (Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports) /

Damian Lillard remains the subject of trade speculation but it’s very clear which Eastern Conference destination he wants nothing to do with: The Celtics.

After 10 years in Portland with nothing but a few All-Star appearances to show for it, it’s no surprise that Damian Lillard and his future is a talking point in the NBA.

He’s too good to be wallowing on a team that’s missed the playoffs each of the last two years. The Trail Blazers haven’t figured out how to give him the support he needs but they also haven’t come to the point of blowing it up and trading their star away.

Everything with Lillard and the Blazers may come to a head this summer with the No. 3 pick in the NBA Draft in hand. According to NBA Insider Chris Haynes, the draft is a “cross roads situation” as Lillard believes the team needs to trade the pick in the service of winning now.

“If they keep that pick, whether its Scoot [Henderson] or anybody else, I think a serious conversation would be had about potentially parting ways.”

Of course, the moment Lillard and Portland indicate that a trade is on the table, there will be a line of teams interested in snatching him up.

But sorry Celtics fans, there won’t be a seat at the table for Boston.

Damian Lillard is not interested in joining the Celtics

“He’s not doing Boston,” Haynes said on The Dan Patrick Show.

When pressed a little further about his certainty about that, Haynes didn’t back down. It’s pretty clear that Boston is not an option.

The worst part about the Celtics not being in Lillard’s plans if he does have to initiate a trade is that he is almost certain to land in the Eastern Conference, whether with the Heat, Nets or someone else. So Boston should be hoping Portland works something out to keep Lillard on their side because they’ll be facing him in a rival’s jersey otherwise.

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