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Expectations couldn't have been higher for Dune, and in a year of delays, misfires, and disappointments, it was a relief to have such a high-profile project actually deliver. The movie is not for everyone, but it does a terrific job of making the most of its incredible cast and stunning visuals, walking the line between making esoteric source material accessible without just mashing it into a Hollywood nothing burger.
- Ian Levy
Creative Editorial Director

Why we needed this fandom this year

After a slew of blockbusters — The Suicide Squad, Black Widow, No Time To Die — that were all...fine, it was nice to see a massively anticipated spectacle arrive fully realized (or at least pretty close to it).

Best fan moment of the year

Just four days after the release of Dune, fans were treated to confirmation that, yes, there would be another installment coming and that release of Dune 2 was less than two years away — Oct. 23, 2023.