One Chicago

The men and women who make up the One Chicago universe are unwavering in their dedication. It’s fitting, then, that the same level of dedication and passion can be ascribed to their fandom. The One Chicago fanbase had plenty to contend with this past year, from game-changing newcomers and shocking returns, to the departure of beloved veterans like April Sexton and Matt Casey. It wasn’t always easy, and sometimes it felt as though things were changing too quickly, but fans stayed the course and have embraced these changes with an infectious combination of curiosity and excitement. All three shows are stronger than ever, and this success comes down to the passionate viewers who tune in every week. To be part of the One Chicago fanbase is to be part of a family that is ready to tackle any challenge. And just like the various teams that make up each show, we will do it all together.
- Danilo Castro
One Chicago Center Editor

What emotion defined this fandom this year?

Resilience. Transition has been a huge part of the One Chicago universe, and fans have had to develop an ability to change with the times. There were more character changes than ever this year, and fans were quick to put their faith in the writers and showrunners and give each newcomer the benefit of the doubt.

Why you should join this fandom

In an age where complaining has become synonymous with passionate viewers, the One Chicago fandom is a beacon of positivity. It’s a group that encourages disagreement and discussion without straying too far off base or complaining about how the shows used to be. You should join the One Chicago fandom because it’s an entertaining group but also because it’s an uplifting group.