San Francisco 49ers

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It was a tough year to be a 49ers fan, with injuries and inconsistency on the field. But the fans have stayed faithful, optimism is high around Trey Lance, and the playoffs are still a possibility.
- Peter Panacy
Niner Noise Editor

Why we needed this fandom this year

Last year was insanely challenging for 49ers fans, especially as COVID-19 protocols completely prevented fans from attending Levi's Stadium, whereas other stadiums were able to open at limited capacity. If that wasn't bad enough, the Niners were actually kicked out of Levi's Stadium later in the year and forced to temporarily relocate home games to Arizona. It sure felt good to get fans back in the stands after the entire team had to be moved.

Why you should join this fandom

Football has plenty of great legends, but the Niners have the greatest legend of all time, Jerry Rice. If you need a GOAT, he's the one. And if you weren't convinced, the other GOAT-like NFL legends like Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers both grew up as part of the 49ers fandom, too. So, even if you're a Patriots, Bucs, or Packers fan, you're kind of part of the Niners fandom by default because of Brady and Rodgers!