To say WandaVision helped to usher in a new era for Marvel when it became the first Disney Plus MCU series to debut on the streaming platform might be an understatement. Since its release, WandaVision has been praised by fans and critics as one of Marvel's finest hours and one of the best shows 2021 period. WandaVision was a true love letter to television and delivered one of the most emotional storylines to ever be told within the MCU, with stunning performances from its cast, which only helped to further elevate the show's powerful message. It was a true masterclass in acting from Elizabeth Olsen, whose performance in the series only helped to further cement her lasting legacy as one of Marvel's greatest heroes and performers. While Olsen might not have taken home the Best Actress Emmy, much to the surprise of fans, WandaVision managed to net Marvel Studios 23 total Emmy nominations and three wins, including for the series' chart-topping earworm “Agatha All Along” At a time when the future of the MCU seemed uncertain, WandaVision proved Marvel Studios still has some tricks up its sleeve and assured fans the best might still be to come.
- Cody Schultz
Entertainment Director

How this fandom is changing entertainment

In addition to winning Marvel Studios its first-ever Emmys, WandaVision redefined the superhero genre through its emotional and powerful showcase of grief and enduring love. The show was unafraid of going where no superhero show or movie has gone before, and the end result was a series that turned the definition of a superhero show on its head.

What was the icon or totem for this fandom this year?

While there were many standouts from WandaVision worth celebrating, there is no denying that the series success was built upon Elizabeth Olsen's rise to the top of Marvel's all-time greats via her role as Wanda Maximoff. Olsen has long been deemed one of the MCU's most underutilized talents, but through WandaVision she was finally offered the chance to show her true range, and the result was a true masterclass in acting. With Steve Rogers and Tony Stark stepping aside, the era of a new icon has begun, and it's about time the MCU's queen claims her throne!