Until this year, Ahsoka Tano had thrived in Star Wars animation but hadn’t gotten the same development in her live-action cameos. Now that she is the star of her own live-action show, we have gotten to see her confront some of her greatest challenges yet — from one of the most cunning Star Wars villains, Grand Admiral Thrawn, to her internal guilt and trauma after surviving multiple wars. It was beyond thrilling to watch my favorite character’s story continue and to see other animated characters join her, including Sabine, Hera, and Ezra from Star Wars Rebels. Eman Esfandi’s take on Ezra was a pleasant surprise, as his performance mirrored the mannerisms, inflection, and comedic timing we have come to expect from Taylor Gray’s version of the character. Furthermore, Ray Stevenson’s acting as antagonist Baylon Skoll has received wide acclaim for the nuance and intrigue he brought to his final role. With a cast bringing such strong performances, it is no wonder why this show ranks among the best we have seen this year!
- Brianna Alers
FanSided Contributor

How this fandom is changing entertainment

In recent years, we have seen the Star Wars fandom grow in its inclusivity. Ahsoka is no exception, featuring a cast of powerful women whose stories are far more than that of a love interest. Fun-filled, exciting stories led by women and people of color help create a universe that better resembles that of its diverse fan base. Ahsoka is helping to pave the way for future projects within Star Wars and throughout the science fiction genre to continue this important change and make the fandom a more welcoming place.

Why you should join this fandom

Star Wars didn’t fully click with me until I discovered The Clone Wars, where Ahsoka’s character drew me to the point where I couldn’t help but fall in love with the whole fandom. If you have not connected with Star Wars yet, there are now many shows, both in live-action and animation where you might find your place. Ahsoka, either the show or the character, may just be that starting point for you.