Atlanta Braves

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The 2023 Atlanta Braves had almost everything you could want as a fan of baseball. From record-breaking individual performances to running away with the National League East to simply being a young, fun team to watch every game, the Braves are everything that is right about sports. You will struggle to find a team out there that gives you more reasons to invest in them on such a regular basis. While the season didn't end with the World Series appearance that many thought it would (curse you again, Philadelphia), this Braves team remains one of the best reasons to watch baseball right now, even if they are the villain in some circles. They make you care about any game they are playing and it doesn't look like that is going to change for years to come.
- Eric Cole
FanSided Staff Writer

Best fan moment of the year

There are so many to choose from, but a pretty clear favorite here is when Ronald Acuna Jr. stole his 70th base to give him MLB's first-ever 40/70 season. While the other team's announcers weren't fans of it, the game-stopping so that Ronald could pull second base out of the ground and hold it over his head is going to be a moment that goes down in baseball history and the crowd ab-so-lutely ate it up.

How this fandom is changing sports

One thing that has plagued the game of baseball in recent years is the old guard (whether it be players, coaches, or fans) adhering to the unwritten rules of baseball — that showing emotion on the field and celebrating is forbidden. The Braves want none of that and as a result, they are helping baseball fans realize that it is okay to bat flip after a home run or show that emotion on the field and that isn't some weird sign of disrespect. If fans wanted to watch boring old men wander around, they would tune into C-SPAN. The Braves know that and are helping make baseball fun again.