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In a time when franchise filmmaking so often feels cookie-cutter and unoriginal, Avatar: The Way of Water was, well, like water in the desert. James Cameron is one of the great living artists working in his medium, pushing the boundaries of technology to tell a deeply human story about family and the fight against ecological catastrophe. It's not difficult to draw parallels between Pandora and our planet. The Avatar franchise delivers both rip-roaring action and emotionally realized characters, but it also serves as a potent and important message to cherish life on earth and preserve the beauty around us.
- Chris Kline
FanSided Staff Writer

Why we needed this fandom this year

From December leading into the early months of 2023, Avatar: The Way of Water became one of the greatest box office smashes in history. In the process, it brought fans back to a singular place — the lush forests and sweeping oceans of Pandora — with a reminder to focus on the beauty around us, both in the world and in our relationships, and to fight for what's right.

What we’ll remember about this fandom a decade from now

The franchise is ongoing, and hopefully a decade from now there will be a few more installments to enjoy. James Cameron is 69 years old. He is a filmmaker who has crafted a lot of memories for a lot of people. If not a swan song, this is his magnum opus — the defining creation of a historic career, and a source of pure joy for those who love cinema and science fiction.