Bad Omens

After falling into the post-hardcore abyss with hundreds of other bands following the releases of their first two albums, Bad Omens released their third album, The Death of Peace of Mind, in 2022. The fandom surrounding this group has been growing significantly ever since. One might have noticed that their latest full-length album was released in 2022 and not 2023, so why are they included among the top fandoms of 2023? Well, there's this little phone app called TikTok that latched onto several of their songs in 2023, and after more and more people began to investigate what band was behind the intriguing song clip they just heard, their popularity has skyrocketed to even greater heights.
- Adam Patrick
FanSided Associate Editor

Why we needed this fandom this year

In this day and age, it can sometimes be difficult to find new music when there is just so much more to choose from than there ever has been. So when a band like Bad Omens comes along and finds a way to blend the genres of pop, metal, R&B, and electronic music, it makes people feel like they're listening to something special. Everyone knows that euphoric feeling of hearing a new band or artist for the first time. That's the feeling that Bad Omens has been able to provide to millions of people all around the world this year.

What emotion defined this fandom this year?

Authentic is a word that perfectly describes Bad Omens in their current state. They could have continued to make solid post-hardcore songs and done just enough to tour and make a decent living. Instead, they took a risk with their latest album by pushing the boundaries of multiple genres, and now they've carved out their own specific sound that people can recognize within a few seconds. Music is a form of artistic expression, and when one listens to their latest album, it's easy to tell that they intended to write songs they truly wanted to create, regardless of whether two people listened to them or 2,000 people listened to them.