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Baltimore Orioles

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I love this fandom because we have been waiting for years to have a successful baseball club and now it is all starting to come together. Orioles fans might not appear loyal when the stadium sits half-empty during a bad season, but when the good times come the passionate base emerges from miles around to attend games. Camden Yards is also one of the league’s best stadiums to enjoy a baseball game in.
- Joshua Davis
FanSided Contributor

Best fan moment of the year

Baltimore began the year with a win over Boston, and it would be the Red Sox who fell to Birdland for their 100th win. Topping the AL East and getting to triple-digit wins for the first time in decades was spectacular.

What was the icon or totem for this fandom this year?

Young talent led Brandon Hyde’s club and they will continue to do so for years to come. AL Rookie of the Year Gunnar Henderson is the best example of a new player who had a spectacular season.