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The Beyhive always stays ready, but there's something infectiously joyous whenever Beyoncé releases an album and a tour is underway. There's a kind of magic in the air. You can feel it. Renaissance was, and always will be, a vibe and a moment like all of King B's work but the album was exceptionally different. Beyoncé took dance and house music, which was pioneered by the avant-garde tastes and genius of predominantly Black and LGBTQIA+ artists and creators, and not only paid homage to the history of the genre but also set fans not in the know on a path to discovering more music of its kind. By the time her tour rolled around, we were anxious to see what themes would be explored in her performance. And, as a community (whether online or in-person), we got to experience Beyoncé's nod to the classic styles of music she's known for and were introduced to her futuristic, spiritual ballroom full of love, understanding, and freedom of expression. For those couple of hours we became unconditionally comfortable in our skin and cozy with who we are while she shared her growth and artistry and allowed us to see her daughter and one of her legacies, Blue Ivy, do the same. It's a memory the fandom will never forget.
- Sabrina Reed
Hidden Remote Associate Editor

Best fan moment of the year

The Everybody on Mute Challenge. Renaissance concertgoers would go silent during the song “Energy“ when Beyoncé sings, “Look around, everybody on mute.” Every city on the tour was vying to be declared the winner of the challenge and, where others failed, cities like D.C., Houston, Atlanta, Kansas City, and more won.

What emotion defined this fandom this year?

Boundless joy. No matter what may have been going on in our lives, attending the concert or even watching it through videos and pictures on social media, brought a sense of escapism. It was a time to laugh with our friends and loved ones, sing off-key, and engage in a cultural moment. In pop culture history, the year 2023 will be remembered for Barbie, Taylor Swift, and most importantly the Beyhive, Beyoncé.