Daisy Jones and The Six

Everyone who'd read Daisy Jones and The Six prior to the television adaptation's release on Prime Video knew that the miniseries was going to forever change those who watched. There was no way that the Lightning in a Bottle novel wouldn't have a show that captured its energy and we were correct. Just like in the book, the eponymous main character and the band that inspired a fictional generation of music lovers took the real world by storm. Riley Keough and Sam Claflin's Daisy Jones and Billy Dunne were everywhere. So too were Camila Morrone's Camila Dunne, Suki Waterhouse's Karen Sirko, Will Harrison's Graham Dunne, and Sebastian Chacon's Warren Rojas. Together they were so good it felt like the characters had come to life and we were all starstruck. They have the kind of magic that brings a book fandom screaming back to life when the adaptation drops and within weeks it grew by leaps and bounds. It was amazing to watch in real-time.
- Sabrina Reed
Hidden Remote Associate Editor

Best fan moment of the year

The fandom was so loud about our appreciation for the miniseries that the demand for a second season was weighed with real consideration. So was the possibility of the actors putting a concert on so fans could experience the band's chemistry and music in real life. Neither has happened yet but never say never.

What emotion defined this fandom this year?

Excitement. Pure, unfiltered excitement. The book came to life in front of our eyes. There are few better feelings than watching one of your favorite books be reimagined into a live-action series and not only be proud of its execution but also be moved by it.