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DC completely reset its universe by embracing the Dawn of DC, which emphasized many of the sidekicks turned solo heroes whom diehard fans love, but the casuals may not be entirely familiar with. It was a welcome reset.
- Max Ogden
FanSided Contributor Sourcing Specialist

What we’ll remember about this fandom a decade from now

2023 could potentially go down as one of the most important years in the 88-year history of the company. DC Comics launched the Dawn of DC, an event that effectively ushered in a new generation of superheroes to lead their vast multiverse. Heroes such as Nightwing, for whom Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo created a critically acclaimed run, are stepping out of the shadows of the bigger names and into new, featured roles. The Dawn of DC has been promoted as a yearlong storytelling initiative that will help redefine the company and potentially elevate new stars into the mainstream spotlight. As James Gunn prepares to revamp DC Studios, the events that transpire within the comic book world could forever change how the superhero genre is received and perceived on a global level. A decade from now, this could be remembered as one of the most important events in modern comic book history. The Titans have officially filled the shoes of the Justice League, and there's no telling what kind of long-term impact that could have.

Why you should join this fandom

Simply put: Comic books and graphic novels are incredible. The superhero movie has set the world ablaze in all of its vast and various forms, and the roots from which they've grown are worth your time and appreciation. DC Comics plays a monumental part in that success. Heroes such as Batman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Superman, and Wonder Woman have been dominant forces in pop culture for as long as many of us have been alive. Seeing DC Comics highlight how deep their roster of captivating personalities truly is should be all the impetus a skeptic needs to dive into said heroes' origins, as well as the mesmerizing stories about other DC figures. Not every story will be for you, as every comic book reader can confirm, but there is something for everyone. Escapes from your everyday life and fascinating displays of social commentary are just a click away with apps like DC Universe Infinite, which houses thousands of comic books and graphic novels. And your local comic book shop, or even a traditional bookseller, deserves your support. This is a genre that has often been miscategorized but nonetheless plays home to some of the most enthralling stories ever told. DC Comics is a great place to start—whether in the past, present, or future of the company.