Heston Kjerstad

Every sports fan loves a great comeback story and that's exactly what Heston Kjerstad of the Baltimore Orioles is. He was drafted No. 2 overall by the O's in 2020 and was diagnosed with myocarditis, a heart condition, soon after. He was forced to miss the first two years of his professional career but was finally given a clean bill of health before the 2023 season. Kjerstad went on to win the Arizona Fall League MVP before making his way from double-A to the major leagues and topped it off by hitting a home run for his first major league hit.
- Brian Barr
Birds Watcher Contributor

Best fan moment of the year

After making his long-awaited major league debut on Sep. 14 as a pinch hitter, Heston Kjerstad got his first start on Sep. 15. In the bottom of the sixth inning Kjerstad, who's known for his power, blasted a huge home run into the right field stands of his home stadium, Camden Yards, for his first career hit. Fans who followed Kjerstad's roller coaster ride from top draft pick, to maybe never playing due to a heart condition, to tearing through the minor leagues, could now celebrate with Heston as everything he worked for had paid off. There are great things in this kid's future.

What we’ll remember about this fandom a decade from now

Heston Kjerstad's journey in the major leagues has just begun. He's only 24 years old and a decade from now he'll likely still be starring in the majors, hopefully remaining with the Baltimore Orioles. He has all the makings of the next great power hitter in baseball and everyone loves home runs. There is nothing more enjoyable for a sports fan than to be able to watch a great career from start to finish. It's not too late to start watching the Heston Kjerstad show, so a decade from now you can say “I remember when ..”