Holland the Pup

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I love the fact that Holland the Pup’s journey to visit every NHL arena has brought so many smiles to fans’ faces around North America. She seemed to have some people in shock and awe when they learned of her journey to become the first dog to visit every NHL arena and would instantly make friends with everyone she met. In a world where some sports rivalries may lead to friction between fanbases, it was heartwarming to see Holland the Pup bring fans together while showcasing the friendly side of sports. Not only was Holland the Pup able to show how sports can bring fans of opposing teams together, but how sports can also facilitate creating lifelong friendships with people from around the world. I can’t deny the fact that I also loved that Holland the Pup would try new foods from each city she visited and I can’t wait to see where Holland the Pup’s adventures take her in the future.
- Adam Vosding
Guilty Eats Contributor

Why you should join this fandom

Not only does Holland the Pup love personally meeting people and dogs during her travels, but she also loves when people virtually become a part of her journey as they follow her different social media pages. Sometimes it’s not possible to meet fans in person so to have a virtual connection to her fans is something she cherishes so much. Joining her fandom and following along her journey will hopefully inspire you to travel and try new things and share positive and friendly vibes while doing so.

How this fandom made the world a better place

Sometimes when fans of opposing teams get together some yelling, shouting, and name-calling can happen. Holland the Pup understands that this has historically been a part of the culture of sports but she likes to step aside from that part of the game and bring fans together in a warm and friendly manner. Holland the Pup believes there is already too much hatred in this world and likes to showcase that with the right attitude it can be fun to make new friends with fans from opposing teams. Holland the Pup’s love to promote the friendly side of sports is how she is making the world a better place.