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This year has been a particularly fantastic one for horror fans out there as it brought us numerous acclaimed horror films, including Infinity Pool, M3GAN, Cocaine Bear, Talk to Me, Evil Dead Rise, Beau is Afraid, and more. Then there's the return of notable franchises like Insidious, The Conjuring (with The Nun II), Saw, and The Exorcist! Overall, it's great to see that the horror genre is thriving more than ever. Now we just need the Academy to start taking the genre seriously.
- Madison Lennon
Netflix Life Associate Editor

How this fandom is changing entertainment

Horror movies are finally starting to get more respect from industry peers with acclaimed films like Infinity Pool and Talk to Me. They’re giving talented up-and-coming talent a real chance to shine and create spaces for filmmakers to tackle challenging emotional stories in unconventional ways. Hopefully, soon they’ll start showing up more often at the Oscars!

Best fan moment of the year

It’s hard to pick just one but Talk to Me has proven to be an excellent film with a memorable protagonist and a particularly stirring montage that went viral. “Talk to the hand,” has never been a scarier phrase, and seeing everyone create videos revolving around the hand and the excellent music that played in the scene has been lots of fun to watch.