Jacob Elordi

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Australian actor Jacob Elordi has been a favorite for Euphoria fans for years now, but 2023 is truly his year with two big movies released that are earning awards buzz. He's come a long, long way from The Kissing Booth trilogy on Netflix. The 26-year-old star has truly proven his versatility in recent years despite still very much being at the start of his career, showcasing his range of emotional depth onscreen. His biggest role to date is a no doubt one with a lot of pressure — portraying the King of Rock and Roll just over a year after Austin Butler starred in Elvis. But his subtle performance in Priscilla is deservedly garnering a lot of praise. He killed it.
- Natalie Zamora
FanSided Head of Entertainment Content

How this fandom is changing entertainment

The term “movie star” looks a lot different in today’s world than it did years ago, but we still have a long list of beloved actors who fans will show up for. Jacob Elordi is a perfect example of a popular actor who doesn’t need to appear in blockbusters to garner a large and dedicated fanbase. The film girlies want indies and he’s going to give them to us!

Why you should join this fandom

Apart from the fact that Jacob Elordi is incredibly talented, the fandom is a very fun place to be. With every new role he takes on, his fans are there to rally around them with thirst tweets, glowing reviews, and hilarious memes. We just want to share our love for the actor and have formed a safe space to do so.