Justin Fields

I nominated Justin Fields because his run in last season was one of the most exciting times I can remember as a Bears fan. Of course, the Bears' history at quarterback is among the worst in the league, so it was a lot of fun to watch. His incredible run also came at a difficult time in my life, personally, therefore it was great to have an escape from life's stress every week, just watching one of my favorite players do the remarkable. Who knows what the future holds for Fields and the Bears, but last season will always be a memorable year for this fan.
- Ryan Heckman
FanSided Staff Writer

Best fan moment of the year

By far, the best moment of the year came when Fields evaded a would-be sack and took off through the entire Packers defense en route to a 56-yard touchdown. It didn't matter that the Bears lost the game, what mattered was that Chicago finally appeared to have a threat at quarterback who provided fans with a “Wow“ moment against their bitter rival.

How this fandom is changing sports

I believe Fields is one of a few quarterbacks who continue to help the game of football evolve. No longer are we seeing just a couple of dual-threat quarterbacks around the NFL, but even many non-running quarterbacks are having plays designed for them to use their legs and make plays; even scoring touchdowns. College quarterbacks are doing what they can to improve their scrambling ability, knowing very well that it can help them exponentially at the next level. Fields is an example of one of the elite when it comes to being a dual-threat.