Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue is no stranger to chart success. With a career spanning five decades and countless pop bangers to her name, she lives up to her reputation as the Queen of Pop. But this year, she took it to a whole new level with the impact that her new music made. The success of her comeback single “Padam Padam” was unprecedented as it went on to become a global phenomenon, and it all set the stage nicely for her sixteenth album Tension, which became her ninth No. 1 album in the UK. Every year is a good year to be a Kylie fan, but this year was something special.
- Michael Patterson
Bam Smack Pow Associate Editor

Best fan moment of the year

The release of Kylie’s single “Padam Padam” in May sparked a new chapter in her legendary career and it quickly became a viral phenomenon. From inspiring memes on social media to reaching a whole new generation of fans, the “Padam-ic” turned the song into a global sensation, replicating the success of Kylie’s equally catchy 2003 hit “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head”. To do that once in your career is impressive, but twice is unheard of — and she gave us the song of the summer in the process.

What emotion defined this fandom this year?

Love. No matter what the Kylie fans did this year, they were voicing their love and support for the legendary artist, embracing her new music and celebrating how traditionally Kylie it sounded at the same time, all while helping new audiences discover her iconic catalog of songs. “Padam Padam” even went on to become an LGBTQ+ anthem, and there is no bigger example of love than that.