New York Jets

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It's been a rollercoaster of a year for the New York Jets and their fan base, but through it all, these fans have remained loyal and resilient in the face of adversity. From the Aaron Rodgers acquisition and subsequent Super Bowl aspirations to overcoming the tragedy of his injury just four plays into the season, the Jets organization and its fans deserve to be recognized for their continued support despite all the suffering they endure.
- Justin Fried
FanSided Associate Editor

What emotion defined this fandom this year?

The Jets fan base has always been characterized by a sense of resilience. There might not be a fan base in the sports world that has suffered through more trials and tribulations than this one, and the 2023 season has been proof of that. The highs of Aaron Rodgers making his debut, followed by the almost immediate lows of his injury, exemplify what this fan base is forced to endure every year. Yet, through it all, they keep coming back for more. There's no quit in this Jets fan base — they're as resilient as any community in the sports world.

Best fan moment of the year

When Aaron Rodgers emerged from the tunnel under the bright lights of MetLife Stadium wielding an American flag, all was right in the world. Never mind what happened just minutes later. Forget about everything that has occurred since then. For that one glorious moment, Jets fans were on cloud nine. It was a culmination of decades of misery in the organization's persistent search for a quarterback. While the jubilation was short-lived, that moment was euphoric for the millions of Jets fans watching around the world. Everything was perfect.