Nicholas Galitzine

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Nicholas Galitzine had breakout moments with movies like Handsome Devil, The Craft: Legacy, Cinderella, and Netflix's blockbuster Purple Hearts, but 2023 was truly his breakthrough year. Galitzine co-headlined Red, White & Royal Blue, the defining rom-com of summer 2023 (and maybe even the whole year!), and proved yet again his talent and range that's so mesmerizing to watch. After his universally praised turn as Prince Henry, he flips the script as a larger-than-life jock in the teen comedy Bottoms, another role his fans will be screaming about for the rest of the year. Next up, he's starring alongside Oscar winners Julianne Moore and Anne Hathaway in upcoming projects primed to skyrocket his career to new, deserving heights. Make some room on the A-list for this future Oscar winner!
- Reed Gaudens
Netflix Life Editor

Why you should join this fandom

If there’s one breakout star to keep an eye on after 2023, it’s Nicholas Galitzine. Between two hit movies and an ambassador role with Fendi, he was everywhere this year: the big screen, billboards, magazine covers, and your favorite streaming service. And it’s a moment that’s well-earned. The actor and singer is the real deal. As an actor, he’s thoughtful and charismatic, a potent combination that’s impossible to look away from. Oh, and he’s just a little bit handsome, too. Next year, we’ll see him alongside Anne Hathaway in The Idea of You and Julianne Moore in Mary & George, two projects that will surely further his breakthrough as a talent to watch. Get on board before this train really leaves the station.

What we’ll remember about this fandom a decade from now

A decade from now, Nicholas Galitzine will hopefully have been nominated for and/or won a major acting award. He’ll still be landing challenging and thought-provoking roles, perhaps even carrying shows and movies on his own as the leading man. It’s all his for the taking. But his fans will always have the memory of what it felt like to watch him in Red, White & Royal Blue and Bottoms and see his status rise and rise to new heights that even Purple Hearts didn’t fully achieve for him. To live through the moment when it all seems to click into place for your favorite artist is a gift not to take for granted.