Noah Lyles

The name Noah Lyles and the phrase world champion found themselves in a lot of debates this summer. One thing is clear: Noah Lyles is the fastest man in the world. He proved that at the 2023 Track & Field World Championships. Lyles was able to shock doubters, winning a gold medal in the 100-meter final. He was also able to win his third-straight gold medal in the 200-meter race, and ran the anchor leg for USA’s gold medal 4x100 team, accomplishing things in track that hadn’t been done by a male since Usain Bolt. Lyles did it all by being himself and speaking his mind, as he helps grow Track & Field.
- Jaleel Grandberry
FanSided Associate Editor

How this fandom is changing sports

Lyles has been very open about his desire to help Track & Field cross over into the mainstream. He and several other Track & Field athletes want the sport to be something that people care about every year, not just every four years at the Olympics. In an effort to do that, Lyles has become one of the most visible athletes in the sport, showcasing his personality on and off the track. Most importantly, he’s delivering with his speed, continuing to dominate.

Why you should join this fandom

Track & Field is a really entertaining sport and Lyles is one of the sport’s best personalities. He never shies away from a moment and he’s not afraid to speak his mind and push for change. Becoming a fan of Lyles would put you right in the middle of the Track & Field world and allow you to witness one of the best athletes of a generation.