After a six-year layoff between albums, Paramore released their sixth LP, This is Why, in February to critical and fan acclaim. The album features some of the most mature, tightly produced songs in the band's catalog from “You First“ and “Figure 8“ to “Crave“ and “Thick Skull“. Many of us have grown up with this band, and I'd argue This is Why came at the perfect time with so many songs speaking to what many of us have felt and experienced over the two years prior.
- Max Mallow
FanSided Esports Managing Editor

What was the icon or totem for this fandom this year?

The album itself is a totem, but the entire fanbase knows how monumental it was to hear “All I Wanted“ performed live for the first time at the inaugural When We Were Young festival in Las Vegas. From there, fans anxiously waited to see if it would be performed again and thankfully it was. Getting to personally experience it at Madison Square Garden is a moment I'll never forget. Attendees in Los Angeles even got to experience Billie Eilish coming out to perform it with the band.

What is this fandom’s best tradition?

The band has numerous, including the iconic fan involvement during “Misery Business“ at live shows. But, my personal favorite is always the band introductions and pre-encore callout. The fans love and appreciate everyone when Hayley calls their names, and everyone knows how it ends with “I'm Hayley, Miss Williams if ya nasty.” It all wraps up with the band's motto of “We love you, we love you, and we are Paramore.” However, you'll be lucky to hear Hayley shout it out because the fans in attendance are screaming it even louder.