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Pedro Pascal

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2023 is the year of Pedro Pascal. Having appeared in Narcos, Game of Thrones, and The Mandalorian, the Chilean-American actor was already pretty well-known, but The Last of Us turned him into a household name. The incredibly talented, hilarious, fun-loving actor stole the hearts of fans across the globe while promoting the series, culminating in his hosting gig on Saturday Night Live. At the 2024 Emmys, he's up for a whopping three awards, one for his role as Joel Miller in the HBO adaptation, one for SNL, and one for narrating a docuseries called Patagonia. Pascal is truly unstoppable...and it doesn't hurt that he's totally charming and good-looking. (My TikTok feed has never been the same).
- Natalie Zamora
FanSided Head of Entertainment Content

Best fan moment of the year

The Pedro Pascal fandom has never felt more alive than when he hosted Saturday Night Live in February. The fact that he called out the fandom’s fan cams on social media in one of his skits was absolutely hilarious, but also embarrassing knowing that he sees how much we obsess over him online.

What emotion defined this fandom this year?

Joy. It’s a feeling unlike any other getting to fan-out with people online over the latest internet boyfriend, and Pedro Pascal made that happen in 2023. We found so much happiness rewatching Narcos, keeping up with every new interview he gave, and tuning in to new episodes of The Last of Us each week.