Philadelphia Eagles

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The 2022-23 Philadelphia Eagles enjoyed one of the best statistical seasons in franchise history, but thanks to a Super Bowl loss, a five-month adrenaline rush gave way to disappointment. That's okay! The NFL's most loyal fan base hasn't gone anywhere, nor will they. Win or lose, passion never dies.
- Geoffrey Knox
FanSided Editor

Best fan moment of the year

It's strange how life works out sometimes. Yes, the most disappointing moment of 2023 (a loss in Super Bowl LVII) may also be one of this team's crowning achievements. If that doesn't do it for you, however, take pride in all that this team did statistically. It felt like records were set weekly as The Birds produced their highest win and sack totals in the 90-plus-year existence of this proud franchise.

What we’ll remember about this fandom a decade from now

The 2022-23 Philadelphia Eagles will always be remembered as a family, a group of characters who all had character (and talent). Brandon Graham will forever be our Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year and our Comeback Player of the Year. Jalen Hurts should have been named league MVP. Haason Reddick should have been named Defensive Player of the Year. Nick Sirianni should have been named Coach of the Year. The holding call on James Bradberry shouldn't have been called seeing as how holding wasn't called in any other instance during the game. Say it with us Eagles Nation. No one likes us... We don't care...