Platonic may not be the smash hit that Apple TV+ was hoping for but, the chemistry between Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne is fantastic, the supporting cast is exceptional and the show threaded more than its share of hysterically memorable scenes into a tender arc about the challenges of building, nurturing and maintaining adult friendships.
- Ian Levy
FanSided Creative Editorial Director

Best fan moment of the year

Seth Rogen doing the bar-top dance from Coyote Ugly — a hilarious and unexpected moment sold both by his dedicated precision in the dance moves and the way Rogen pulls it off with sheepish pride.

How this fandom made the world a better place

Modern technology offers us more ways than ever to stay connected with the important people in our lives but distance, distractions, the pace of life and the slow slide of civilization toward oblivion seem to have made actually maintaining meaningful friendships more difficult than ever. It was refreshing and heartening to see a show that didn't just feature friends but was actually ABOUT friendship — the complications, the messiness, and the platonic love at its heart.