Seattle Seahawks

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The Seattle Seahawks are not a bandwagon team. 12s (fans of the Seattle Seahawks) have not only sold out every possible Seahawks home game since the beginning of the 2003 season, but 12s travel well to road games. Part of this is likely to annoy fellow fanbases in their own stadium as they have to listen to chants of “Sea!“..”Hawks!“ but also because 12s expect Seattle to win. Need records set for volume levels at an outdoor venue? 12s have accomplished that many times at home games. Plus, Seahawks fans can affect outcomes with their volume. Maybe that last bit is one reason Seattle has the fifth-most wins in the NFL since 2010.
- Lee Vowell
12th Man Rising Site Expert

Best fan moment of the year

How satisfying is it that the Seattle Seahawks can trade their starting quarterback Russell Wilson and replace him with long-time backup Geno Smith, have everyone count out Seattle as a lost cause, only to have the Seahawks begin the 2022 season by defeating Wilson and then Seattle goes on to make the playoffs? Pretty darn satisfying. The only thing that might top that is to be even better in 2023 and maybe make a deeper run in the postseason. Oh, yeah. Seattle appears to be on their way to doing that.

Why you should join this fandom

The Seahawks are the most important team in the northwest of the United States, but you don't have to be from Seattle to love the team. If you go to an NFL stadium and the Seahawks are playing - no matter where that game is being played - there will be plenty of 12s there for you to feel a kinship with. Plus, a commitment to the Seahawks isn't going to go away; 12s follow their team win or lose. (Though, thankfully, it's mostly winning.)