Ok ok so apparently I'm behind in life because this came out in 2022 but OMG what an awesome show!!! This show is about a group of office workers whose memories have been surgically divided separating their work and personal lives. If you want a complete “WTF just happened?!?“ show to watch, go watch this on Apple TV+! Love the cast and storyline.
- Carrie Bennani
FanSided Contributor Operations Project Manager

What emotion defined this fandom this year?

I'm going to go with anticipation. Trying to patiently wait for filming to be able to commence for season 2.

How this fandom is changing entertainment

The idea of being able to fully split your work from your personal life in the era of working from home sounds pretty cool until you watch how it all plays out. The whole premise of this show is just such a wild idea that everyone was innately drawn to it and then watched the horror unfold.