Sister Wives

Fans of Sister Wives waited 18 seasons to see Kody Brown's wives finally find their worth and move on from their polygamist family unit. Christine, Janelle, and Meri all left the Brown family citing Kody's favoritism for his only remaining wife - Robyn. It's something fans had been begging for from the women for years and watching the women find their voice has been well worth the wait.
- Amy Kaplan
FanSided Editor

What emotion defined this fandom this year?

This season the narrative was female empowerment and independence. Christine led the charge by finally calling Kody out for his ill-treatment and Janelle followed suit pointing out that Kody had essentially abandoned his older children, citing COVID as the excuse for the fractured marriages. The women are flourishing in their minds and bodies this season shedding weight and bad intentions.

What was the icon or totem for this fandom this year?

The friendship between Janelle and Christine has been a totem for this season proving that female relationships can be the most empowering and motivating factor in a woman's life. Through 18 seasons fans watched as a man dictated the lives of four women and now we are seeing these women take control of their own futures.