Taylor Zakhar Perez

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Taylor Zakhar Perez is what every leading man in Hollywood should aspire to be. A rising star in Hollywood, Perez uses his celebrity status to advocate and bring awareness to important social issues. He's not an actor using their platform to share messages simply urging for change, justice, and equality, he actively works to be that change. From advocating for a more positive representation of Latinx characters to pushing for changes in the fashion industry by utilizing more sustainably conscious decisions, Perez hasn't let fame go to his head and uses his voice to make a true impact. In addition to being an all-around amazing person, Perez also happened to lead one of the biggest movies 2023 had to offer with his role in Amazon's Red, White & Royal Blue. Perez’s portrayal of Alex Claremont-Diaz was nothing short of perfection as he masterfully embodied the wit, charm, charisma, and vulnerability that helped fans of Casey McQuiston's bestselling novel first fall in love with the character. Perez's performance was a true standout and deserves to be recognized as one of 2023's most impactful and powerful performances as a young man navigating his journey of finding his true self.
- Cody Schultz
FanSided Entertainment & Lifestyle Director

How this fandom is changing entertainment

Taylor Zakhar Perez continues to push for greater diversity and inclusivity in Hollywood, using his platform to advocate for underrepresented voices and stories. Perez is diversifying the representation of Latinx actors in Hollywood, breaking stereotypes, and advocating for more authentic storytelling. His roles in Red, White & Royal Blue and his commitment to promoting inclusivity in the industry are helping pave the way for greater cultural diversity and representation in mainstream entertainment.

Best fan moment of the year

The highlight of the year by far has been getting to see Taylor Zakhar Perez’s flawless performance as Alex Claremont-Diaz in Prime Video’s Red, White & Royal Blue. Perez brilliantly embodied the character fans first fell in love with in the pages of Casey McQuiston’s best-selling novel in a way that honored the character that is so near and dear to readers’ hearts.