Terence Crawford

Fans of Terence Crawford have known for a while that he is a special boxer— one of the best of all time. Unfortunately, the business of boxing kept him from cementing that fact for far too long. However, in 2023, Bud Crawford got his opportunity, and he proved what he and his fans have been arguing for years: he is the best boxer of his era. Thanks to an all-time great performance, he aligned his name with the best boxers of all time.
- Jaleel Grandberry
FanSided Associate Editor

Best fan moment of the year

That all-time great performance came on July 29th, when Crawford defeated Errol Spence Jr. for the undisputed welterweight title. Crawford vs. Spence was a fight that had been built for more than half a decade, as it was expected to be an all-time great fight between the two best of an era. However, Crawford showed that he stands alone, dominating Spence en route to a ninth-round TKO. The win moved Crawford’s record to 40-0 and made him the first male boxer to be a two-time undisputed champion in the four-belt era.

What emotion defined this fandom this year?

2023 was a moment of vindication for Crawford and his fans. For years, he and his supporters had been telling anyone who would listen that he’d dominate Spence, and whoever else lined up across from him in a boxing ring. However, Crawford was going up against a machine in the business of boxing that he couldn’t knock out with a counter punch. He remained prepared, and when the opportunity arrived, he and his fans finally had their I-told-you-so moment.