The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead fandom significantly changed in 2022; the main series concluded after an eleven-season run. The fandom was uncertain what the future would hold, but 2023 was full of Walking Dead universe goodness. The first spinoff, Fear the Walking Dead aired its final season, The Walking Dead: Dead City was a great new spinoff featuring fan-favorite characters Maggie and Negan. The second new series, The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon exceeded everyone's expectations by showcasing a fantastic storyline, fascinating characters, and the breathtaking backdrop of France. Overall, the year was an outstanding one for the fandom and it looks like 2024 will continue this trend.
- Renee Hansen
Undead Walking Expert and FanSided Entertainment Contributor

Why we needed this fandom this year

With the ending of The Walking Dead series, many fans were unsure how things would progress. The fandom continued to support the actors and each other while waiting to see what the future would bring. The close-knit community of TWD Family didn’t miss a beat in supporting one another. The new spinoffs surprised many fans who weren’t sure they could live up to the expectations of the fandom. Having each other to lean on during uncertain times was just what the fandom needed with so much change occurring at once.

What we’ll remember about this fandom a decade from now

The Walking Dead series was a pioneer in the zombie/undead genre, paving the way and influencing pop culture in numerous ways. In a decade fans and others interested in the history of The Walking Dead universe will look back and remember the franchise that was created based on a comic book story. While this is done in the MCU, DC, and other worlds, The Walking Dead universe is much different in its execution. The Walking Dead stories meet people on a real level and fans become invested in their stories as they find something in these characters that resonates with them.