Katie Ledecky

Throughout 2023, Katie Ledecky continued to inspire audiences both in and out of the pool. She not only proved herself as one of the best swimmers ever but also advocated for STEM education, emphasizing its significance for the future. One of the biggest accomplishments for Katie Ledecky in 2023 was her outstanding performance at the Toyota U.S. Open, where she extended her 13-year win streaks in the 800m and 1500m freestyles (her 800 meter streak was broken very recently!). Clocking an impressive time of 15:46.38 in the 1500m event, Ledecky showcased her dominance by winning by nearly 25 seconds and even lapping two swimmers — an astonishing feat that further solidified her position as the favorite in these distance events heading into the Olympic year.
- Vishakha Deshpande
FanSided Contributor

How they're making a difference in equity and inclusion

In addition to her remarkable achievements in the pool, Ledecky made a significant difference in equity and inclusion by continuing her advocacy for STEM education. Partnering with Panasonic on the “STEM Forward with Katie Ledecky and Panasonic“ program, she worked tirelessly to develop educational content for students globally, emphasizing the importance of providing equal opportunities for all to pursue careers in STEM fields. Through her efforts, Ledecky has helped empower younger generations to contribute meaningfully to society by addressing pressing challenges and driving innovation — a legacy that transcends her accomplishments in the pool. In an interview with the Panasonic Group in October 2023, Ledecky said that STEM education is crucial for addressing today's challenges and empowering the younger generation. “I think a lot of people see me as a swimmer,” Ledecky told Panasonic. “ But for most of my life, I’ve been a student. And even though I’m not in school right now, I’ve completed my degree at Stanford University. I’m still trying to learn every day. And I think that’s a message that I want young kids to hear: even if you love a sport, even if you want to go all in on a sport, that it’s also really important to take your studies seriously”.

By the numbers

Katie Ledecky's impact by the numbers is staggering, reflecting her unparalleled dominance in the sport of swimming. With seven Olympic gold medals, 21 world championship titles and 16 world records to her name, she stands as the most celebrated female swimmer in history — a testament to her extraordinary talent and relentless pursuit of excellence. Furthermore, her STEM advocacy efforts have reached over 450,000 students and 7,500 educators in their first year alone, underscoring her commitment to fostering a more inclusive and equitable society through education and empowerment. As she continues to excel in the pool and advocate for important causes, Katie Ledecky's influence will undoubtedly continue to inspire generations to come.