What is a point in hockey?

Learn how players score points, their relevance in the NHL, and their crucial role in determining a player's offensive effectiveness.

Columbus Blue Jackets v Washington Capitals
Columbus Blue Jackets v Washington Capitals / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

Hockey, like every other game, is a madhouse of riotous cheers, crushing disappointments, and terms that could send any newcomer skating straight to the penalty box of confusion. Today, we're breaking down the ice into bite-sized cubes, focusing on the godfather of bewildering hockey jargon: the term "point." So hold onto your mouthguards, and let's decode this enigma on ice.

Points, Not Just for the Scoreboard

Let's clear the ice first: a point is not just what shoots up on the scoreboard when your team hustles the puck into the net. In the world of hockey, "points" are also chalked up to individual players, highlighting their contributions to the team’s offense. So, if you hear that a player has a colossal number of points but his team didn't exactly set the scoreboard ablaze, don't just knock your beer over in disbelief. 

How Players Score Points

Now, let's breeze over to the heart of the matter: how do players score these coveted points? Well, my dear hockey hounds, it's as simple as a stick and puck or, in this case, a goal and an assist.

When a player scores a goal, he earns one point. Simple as that. But then there's another twist: players can also gather points by assisting in goals. If a player's nimble maneuver or sly pass sets up another player who then scores, the assisting player also gets a point. 

Chasing the Leaderboard

But why should we plunge into these icy details? You might ask. Well, these points aren't just for locker room bragging rights. In the NHL, they serve as a vital statistic for measuring a player’s offensive effectiveness. The point tally could mean the difference between a lucrative contract, a place in the All-Star game, or even etching their name in the history books next to Gretzky and Lemieux.

Into the Overtime

So there you have it. A point in hockey is not just another number on the scoreboard; it's a testament to a player's skill, strategy, and synergy with his team. It reflects individual performances that, while might not always result in a goal, significantly contribute to the game's momentum.

Just remember this simple rule: in hockey, as in life, the points you score are not just about the goals you make, but the assists you give. So, the next time you park yourself on the couch for a game, eyeing that player's point tally isn’t just for the sports stats junkies. It gives you a glimpse into their game - their selflessness, their tactics, and ultimately, their contribution to the game we all love, fear, and loyally holler at. Now isn't that a point worth pondering?

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