UFC 157 Results: Urijah Faber Submits Ivan Menjivar in the First

Every time Urijah Faber has lost a fight, he’s followed it up with a win by submission. His fight in UFC 157 against Ivan Menjivar was not any different. Faber followed up a loss in his last bout by defeating Menjivar by submission in the very first round.

Faber came out firing right away, and while Menjivar was able to hang with the punches and kicks early, Faber’s assault was just too much to handle at the end of they day. It seemed as though Menjivar was on damage control right from the start, avoiding big punches. But Faber was dominant with his ground-and-pound attack, which ultimately was the end of Menjivar in the first.

Menjivar eventually got back to his feet, but Faber jumped on his back and spun him around. It was at this point that he got both hooks in on Menjivar and ended the fight soon after. Faber ultimately forced a tap out with a standing rear-naked.

It was truly slick and focused work by Faber at the end of the fight, and while Menjivar tried his hardest to find an escape, he was forced to tap out at the 4:34 mark. All credit goes to Faber, who was unstoppable once he took control of the fight. The Alpha Male camp kingpin’s uncanny streak of never losing after a loss continues.

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