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Fallon Fox vs. Allana Jones Full Fight Video From CFA 11

Controversial transgender fighter Fallon Fox entered the cage on Saturday night at CFA 11 to face off against Allanna Jones in the night’s co-main event. There are many who say Fox has no business fighting women because of her past, but Fox was trying to put that criticism in the back of her head and go out and perform.

When it was all said and done, Fox was able to finish Jones in the third-round of their fight with a unique knee/shin choke that caused Jones to tap almost immediately.

The concern over Fox fighting women was that she would have an unfair advantage because of strength and bone structure. While Fox didn’t go out and storm through Jones like she has her previous opponents, the difference in strength and size was overwhelming for Jones. Despite Fox’s lack of technique, she was able to grab a hold of Jones and toss her to the ground even though she was gasping for air.

It may not have been the dominant performance that most expected, but it did show that Fox is always going to be the much stronger fighter. The only reason she wasn’t able to dismantle Jones like her other opponents is because Jones is a more intelligent fighter and showed a lot of heart and toughness.

Here is video of Fox vs. Jones from last night’s event, so give the fight a look and let us know what you think in the comments section:

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