Bruce Lee Gets Statue in Los Angeles

How do you honor a late actor and one of the most influential martial artists to ever walk the Earth? Well, by erecting a seven-foot bronze statue in Central Plaza of Los Angeles’ Chinatown. The Los Angeles Times passed along word of the statue, which was unveiled to the public this weekend.

The statue was donated by the Bruce Lee Foundation and it was created by an artist in Guangzhou, China.

It seems like everyone these days is getting statues to honor their lives, even if they are just Tim Tebow, but Lee certainly enjoys this honor that came on the 40th anniversary of his death.

Lee enjoyed a brief but successful film career to go along with his exceptional life as a martial arts expert, before dying at the far too young age of 32 in 1973.

He remains a legend that many martial artists still idolize to this day, and it is hard to see his mass following going away anytime soon. Lee had the type of talent that people will talk about for decades as fathers tell their children and their children’s children about the godfather of mixed martial arts.

His influence will never be forgotten.

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