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UFC 162 Results: Chris Weidman Knocks Out Anderson Silva to Take UFC Title

The UFC 162 main event between middleweight champion Anderson Silva and undefeated challenger Chris Weidman came in to the night with a ton of buzz and the crowd was electric as the men made their way to the octagon. Everyone believed that Weidman could be the man to bring down the champion, so all eyes were on the television sets as the two men took center stage.

Silva refused to touch gloves as the two men began the fight, but Weidman was not fazed by the gesture and he immediately was able to get the champion on his back and land some heavy ground-and-pound shots to Silva’s head. Silva remained relaxed, but he continued to eat the heavy punches as he looked to pass in to side control. Silva retained his guard, but Weidman was able to find openings before looking for a leg.

Silva was able to get out of the submission attempt before returning to his feet where he let his hands down and purposely put his back to the cage like he did against Stephan Bonnar. Silva stood with his hands on his hips in the center of the cage as he ate heavy shots from Weidman that didn’t seem to hurt him one bit.

The champion was baiting Weidman in to kickboxing match that was beginning to take Weidman out of his game. Instead of looking for the takedown where he was most successful, Weidman decided to stand with the champion. It is a dangerous game to play, but Weidman escaped the first round.

Silva decided to continue clowning Weidman in the second round of the fight with some of the most outrageous taunting we’ve seen inside of the octagon. Weidman eventually shot for a takedown, but Silva was able to stuff the attempt and go right back to taunting Weidman before eating a devastating blow to knock out the champion.

Weidman landed a huge combination that knocked the champion out cold as a new champion was finally crowned.

It was a shocking moment in sports.

It was a truly unbelievable moment.

In one word, “WOW.”


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