Sep 21, 2013; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; Blood bleeds from a cut on the eye of Jon Jones during his fight against Alexander Gustafsson (not pictured) during their light heavyweight championship bout at UFC 165 at the Air Canada Centre. Mandatory Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Jon Jones taken to hospital on stretcher after UFC 165 main event

Jon Jones limped away from the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on Saturday night retaining his UFC light heavyweight championship after an epic main event against Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 165, but he was immediately transported to the hospital. Gustafsson also had a trip to the hospital.

Both fighters were fighting on fumes in the final round of the fight, so it comes as no surprise that they were taken for further medical evaluation after the beatings that they took.

Jones limped out of the octagon and looked to be in obvious pain. Just before the post-fight press conference, which neither main event participant was able to attend, MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani reported that Jones was taken from the arena on a stretcher.

There are no official reports on what the injury is for Jones, but his team indicated the champ suffered a bad left foot injury early in the foot. It was the same foot that had the injured toe following UFC 159. Jones will get a full evaluation and the promotion will update Jones’ status as soon as possible.

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  • steven f

    Dana White said they almost stopped the fight at the start of the fifth round and Jones begged them not to.

    • Jim

      I thought it was Dana White who begged the ringside doctors not to stop the fight.

  • steven f

    I’m just going by what White said in the post fight interview. I’m sure he too was begging since Jones is sponsored by the UFC

  • Nicain

    Dana White gets the decisions he pays for. If it was Gus bleeding at the end of the forth it would have been stopped to protect Jones.

    They protected the big money fighter. This is why I don’t buy UFCs anymore.

    • steven f

      I don’t believe he gets decisions he pays for because their have been some really crummy ones in recent years. They still have the state athetic board using boxing judges.

  • TrotskysMexicanSurprise

    Jones is sponsored by Nike. The UFC’s been hyping this guy from day 1.

    You think they’re gonna let a guy from Sweden defeat their crowned negro fighter? American sports industry lives in a bubble, where only the ‘black man’ can be king.

    Why do you think the heavy weight boxing champ (white guy from ukraine) for TEN YEARS now is unknown in the US? US media completely ignores him. If he was black, his name would be spammed in the US media relentlessly.

    When the NBA Dream Team went to Argentina.. a bunch of little Argentinian white dudes made those ‘all stars’ house hold branded names look like fools. Seriously.. names like Kobe Byrant. Billion dollar industry behind this guys name… looked like a complete fool against Argentina.

    Whites destroy blacks at the Olympics.. but US media will cherry pick the few events Black Athletes win and ignore the rest.

    The myth of the super ‘black athlete’ is an american invented fraud. Simply isn’t true. The only people on the planet who believe it are Americans. You can see the psychological difference between White American athletes… and white athletes who were not raised with American media pumping this myth.

    When Foreign White Athletes fight Black Americans they don’t have any psychological brainwashing. They just compete. That was the case with Gus. He wasn’t raised with a bunch of American Media garbage which portrays Black Athletes as ‘the best’. He just goes in and competes.

    This is why Russians are such good fighters in America. They too dont give a damn about stupid American Media hype. They just go in and fight. And they do good.

    Gus won the fight. But an American anti-white culture has been ingrained over generations into americans psyche and culture. It was a ‘big shock’.. ‘stunning’… ‘best fight ever’. No it wasn’t. Jones sucks. They just put him up against a same size foreigner who has no psychological barriers that most American opponents have. He went in there and fought as if Jones was anyone else.

    America is a joke. American culture is a joke. American fighters are a joke. America is a fake phony country full of fake sh*t. Everything about America is fake. Based on fake thing and fake people.