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Cheick Kongo: 'I needed some change'

Former UFC Heavyweight Cheick Kongo will make his Bellator debut this friday night in the Main Event of the evening against Mark Godbeer. I sat down with Cheick to discuss his upcoming fight, what he thinks about Bellator and the UFC, and his good friend and training partner Rampage Jackson.

Cheick’s Bellator Debut

I am really excited to make my Bellator debut. It is an honor for me to be in the Main Event. I am happy that I am the go-to guy. All of my fights have pushed me to the top and that is why I am here. I will try my best to become the next Bellator champion. My fight with Mark Godbeer is going to be crazy.

Why He Chose Bellator Over the UFC, and Rampage’s Involvement

The UFC contacted me first, but there were opportunities to fight elsewhere. I have nothing bad to say about the UFC. They were really good to me, but I needed some change. At first, I preferred to stay, but then I realized I wanted to step out and try something different. Everything was the same from when I first got into the UFC, and I need to go somewhere else for my benefit. Of course Rampage and I talked about the situation and which company would be better suited for me, but it was my decision.

His Preparation For the Fight

I had a great training camp with Rampage and my coaches. I watched all of my previous fights, paying attention to all the mistakes I made so I will not make them again. I can not make the same mistakes if I want to be successful in this fight. I trained very hard with good wrestling and striking coaches and I am ready.

Bellator’s Tournament Format

I am in Bellator for the tournament. It is the reason I came here. It is tremendously exciting.

Bellator Heavyweight Champion Alexander Volkov

He is the champ and needs to take care of the crown, but he can not just sit there and expect to hold it for long. I am sure he won’t be happy now that I am here. I am hungry for that belt. I came to Bellator to get it.

His Favorite Moment of His UFC Career

My favorite moment was meeting so many great people there and having so many great fights. Everyone there gave me the best opportunity to compete. I always had to keep that in mind, which made me better. The UFC and those fights made me who I am. Without it, I would not be Cheick Kongo the fighter.




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