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Alexander Gustafsson's coach says camp switch rumors are not true

It was reported yesterday that Alexander Gustafsson was leaving Alliance MMA in favor of training full time in Sweden. The news also brought along with it the possibility of a Phil Davis rematch. Today, however, Gus’s head coach says that everything was taken out of context and even fabricated by the MMA media.

Andreas Michael, Gustafsson’s head coach, in an interview with swedish MMA site, said Gustafsson was misquoted by the MMA media in order to ‘sell’ the news. Michael stated that Gus has no interest in leaving Alliance MMA or fighting now friend and training partner, Phil Davis.

Before Gustafsson left Sweden to train at Alliance MMA, he and Phil Davis locked horns at UFC 112 back in 2010. Davis won the fight with dominant wrestling and eventually slapped on the fight winning anaconda choke. The news yesterday of Gus leaving Alliance led to speculation of a possible rematch with Davis.

Gustafsson has a partnership between Allstars Gym and Alliance MMA that has allowed him to train here in America. Michael said that there is no talks of ending that partnership and Gus will be staying at Alliance for the foreseeable future. As for the possibility of fighting Phil Davis, Andreas said that they would only do so if a title was on the line or if they were paid ‘millions in salary’.

Could this be the head coach just backpedaling and doing damage control, or was Gus really just misunderstood? Either way it is an interesting scenario that has led to this. We will likely have to wait until Gus’s next training camp to see where he truly will train.

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