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Tommy Toe Hold: the king of MMA comedy

The MMA community is an amalgam of fighters, media, comedians, and more. Tommy Toe Hold is one of the very best comedians in the MMA community today. Since his show launched on YouTube in early 2012, Tommy Toe Hold has skyrocketed in popularity among MMA fans. Tommy has a massive following, his own bit on UFC tonight, and is an integral part of the MMA community. Tommy continues to push the envelope and bring us MMA fans amazing and hilarious content. I had the chance to sit down with Tommy for an exclusive interview to discuss his part in the MMA community, his journey to get here, and much more!

How would you explain your show?

It’s kind of like The Daily Show for MMA. It is news, but not really. I have a lot of fake interviews and it’s comedy. I would say it is somewhere between Tosh.0 and The Daily Show mixed with a cartoon.

How did this all start and did you ever envision it going so far

I started the show basically on a whim. There was no master plan behind any of this. I was an English teacher previously, but due to budget cuts I was laid off and looking for work. I decided at that time to do something fun on the side and that was Tommy Toe Hold. I never anticipated it to take off like it did, and definitely not to the point that I am at now. When it started doing okay in the beginning I thought I might get some recognition in the community, but I never expected it to the degree it has become. This has now become a full time job between UFC tonight and the show on YouTube, plus some other things on the side with the show. Tommy Toe Hold is basically all I do now.

Have you had any contact with other MMA comedians?

Yea, I have spoken to Pouya Rebek and Adam Hunter (MMA roasted) and they are both great guys. A lot of people imply that we have some sort of competition, but I see it differently. I think we all do different things, and I think are work is all complementary of each other. I think it’s cool that there are other people doing similar stuff as to what I am doing in MMA.

Do you work directly with the UFC?

I am working with Fox now as a part of UFC tonight. I have already had four segments on the show, and I think it will become a regular thing for the time being. In fact, I have one coming up this Wednesday.

Has anyone ever been upset about their portrayal on your show?

Nobody has ever come to me really pissed off about anything. I have had a lot of fighters tell me they enjoy the show actually. I have also had fighters ask me to make fun of them on the show! The only story I have is with Kelvin Gastelum. He called me one time through a mutual friend. I didn’t know it was him on the line, so I pick up the phone and Kelvin starts grilling me pretending he was upset about something I did on the show, and he sold it really well. I was totally convinced he was pissed at first, but he finally let go and was laughing. It was a really funny experience, and Kelvin is a cool guy.

Having ‘real’ interviews on TTTHS

I definitely want to do more actual interviews, and I have had fighters come on the show, but normally it does not fit the format. Chael Sonnen coming on the show is one thing, because I literally do not even have to ask him a question and he can just sound off and it is hilarious. One person I would really like to get on the show is Jon Jones. I make fun of him constantly, and he has this stigma in the MMA community where a lot of people think he is no fun. I think it would be hilarious if he came on the show and have me grill him, and I think it would do well for him in the community so people can see he has a sense of humor about himself.

Favorite fighter

I can not say I really have a favorite necessarily. I just enjoy anyone that goes in there and is entertaining. I mean Chael is one of my favorites. His out of the cage persona is great, and I like his fighting style too. He is a grinder and always moving forward, and I like that. Even guys I make fun of, like GSP. I am in complete awe of what GSP is able to do in the cage even though I make fun of him relentlessly for being boring. It still is amazing that he can impose his will on everyone even though they know exactly what is going to happen. I love a lot of the smaller guys because of the crazy things they can do. I really like the female fighters too. They have been having just ridiculously awesome fights, and not just in the UFC, but Invicta too! I am just a huge fan of the sport in general. If you put on a good show, then I will watch it.

Favorite Fight

The Gustafsson vs Jones fight was just incredible. I don’t know if it’s the greatest fight of all time, but it was just nuts. It was like a movie. You could not have written it any better. Even the outcome, being controversial, was cool. That’s my favorite right now.

Tommy Toe Hold one liners: 

I asked Tommy to give me his thoughts on some of the sport’s most famous figures, and here is what he had to say in true Tommy Toe Hold fashion.

Dana White: Boss

Bellator: Clueless

Conor McGregor: Superstar

Alistair Overeem: Horse

Chael Sonnen: Gangster

Tito Ortiz: Dinosaur

Fedor: Badass

Nick Diaz: Hilarious

Anderson Silva: Normal

Uriah Hall: Sorry, Adam


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