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WSOF 6 results: Steve Carl chokes out Josh Burkman in Round 4 to earn inaugural title

To bring an end to a full day of mixed martial arts action, World Series of Fighting was set to crown the first champion in their promotion’s history when Josh Burkman and Steve Carl squared off in the main event of WSOF 6 for the welterweight title.

Carl entered the fight on a six-fight winning streak, while Burkman had put together a five-fight win streak of his own that includes a huge win over former UFC title contender Jon Fitch.

The early seconds included your typical feeling out process between two fighters that were looking to avoid making an early mistake, but it was Carl who had better position first after catching a kick from Burkman and pushing him into the cage.

Burkman used the underhook to reverse position, before landing a big takedown. Carl was able to get back to his feet quickly and the two once again went at it on their feet.

Burkman ate some shots from Carl, but he was quickly able to get the fight back to the mat where he began working from guard. Carl went for a leg lock from the bottom, but Burkman was able to spin out and work his way to side control.

To start the second round, Burkman landed a stiff counter before working for a guillotine choke, but Carl was able to get out of danger. It appeared that Carl was slowing down and getting frustrated with the quicker punches from Burkman and his inability to get the fight to the mat was beginning to show.

Carl eventually got Burkman to the mat where he wasted no time getting to the mount. Carl was teeing off on Burkman, who was able to recover half guard, but it was a dominant second round that was all Carl.

In the third, Carl picked up where he left off by dominating Burkman on the mat and he landed a deep submission attempt looked close to ending the fight. Burkman was able to escape from danger and sink in a deep choke of his own that Carl found a way out of. Burkman ended up in the mount, but he was bucked off.

Once the fighters worked their way back to the feet, Burkman looked again for a Peruvian Necktie on a failed shot by Carl and the bout finished with both men grappling on the mat.

When the fourth round kicked off, it went back to a submission-fest with the two men showing off their ground game, but it was ultimately Carl that was able to lock in a triangle choke to choke Burkman out could.

It was a perfect set up and patience for Carl, as he locked in the submission to become the first champion in WSOF history.


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