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Bellator 106 results: Daniel Straus is new Featherweight champion after UD victory

Pat Curran and Daniel Straus will fight for the Bellator Featherweight championship tonight. Curran, the champion, is looking to defend his belt for the third time in Bellator. Straus will be looking to avenge a loss to Curran that occurred back in 2009 in a smaller organization. What better way to avenge a loss than to take his belt away too? Will Straus be able to defeat the champ, or will Curran KO Straus once again?

Round 1: They touch gloves to start the fightBody kick exchanged by both me. Straus gets the quick takedown. Curran stands up while threatening a guillotine. Nice 1-2 from Straus. Curran sprawls a Straus takedown. Inside leg kick from Curran. Big left hand from Straus that is answered by Curran. Both men exchange kicks, and Curran’s was low. Jason Herzog calls a stop to the action. Straus eats a knee on the restart. Straus lands another left hook and closes the distance on Curran. Curran with a nice elbow on the exit. Curran with a nice leg kick. Straus with a big head kick that grazes Curran. A nice step in 1-2 from Straus and Pat is up on the fence again. Straus has Curran’s back while standing. Straus with a nice short left hook in the clinch. Straus is very strong on the fence, but Pat gets out with 20 seconds to go. Pat lands a 1-2 and a nice exchange ends the round. 10-9 Straus for more effective control.

Round 2: Curran starts the round with a nice leg kick. Curran looks better to start this round. Leg kick from Straus and he misses an uppercut. Curran unleashes a beautiful combination on Straus. Straus with another head kick that is blocked. Straus with a nice left hook. Curran lands a nice uppercut in the clinch. Straus with a thunderous body kick. Nice combination from Curran, and he slips on a push from Straus. Curran gets right back to his feet and lands a body kick. Curran is stepping in and ripping to the body and the head. Straus just misses an elbow. Step in knee and left hand from Curran. Straus answers with a left body kick. Leg kicks exchanged by both men. Curran lands a body kick. This entire round has been on the feet. Straus has completely abandoned his take down. Curran’s head kick is blocked. An elbow from the clinch lands for Curran. Straus lands a nice left hook right before the round ends. 10-9 Curran for the more effective striking.

Round 3: Nice jabs to start the round for Straus. Straus with a flying knee and a head kick that are blocked. Leg kick from Curran. Straus changing levels and is looking for the takedown. Great defense from Curran up against the cage. Straus is trying hard to get this fight on the mat. Jason Herzog warns the men to work. Beautiful throw by Straus, but Curran immediately back to his feet. Curran is now pushing Straus up to the fence, but Straus with another beautiful throw! Oh no, Pat with a huge illegal knee and Daniel Straus is definitely hurt. Curran knew immediately and walked away looking sorry. The doctor is inside the cage, and Straus looks like he will be able to continue. Pat Curran is deducted a point from referee Jason Herzog. The fight restarts and a beautiful quick takedown from Daniel Straus. Straus is in side control and raining down some elbows. Curran scrambles and gets back to full guard. Straus is controlling on top to end the round. 10-8 round for Straus because of the point deduction.

Round 4: Curran is looking to push the pace to start this round, but Straus gets the clinch and is looking for the takedown again. After a minute of clinch work, Straus gets the big slam and has Curran’s back. Straus is clearly the stronger wrestler at this point in the fight. Curran is back to his feet, but Straus is tenacious. Curran on his back again and is looking for the guillotine. There is not much action in the round. Curran has full guard and is trying to finish the guillotine. Straus pops his head out and lands some body shots. Curran is trying to regain full guard, but Straus is turning up the pressure. Pat Curran is cut from Straus’s ground and pound. Dominant round 4 by the challenger. Straus 10-9.

Round 5: Curran needs a finish on my card to win this fight. Straus is landing some nice body shots. Straus is controlling the fight on the feet as well at this point. Flying knee from Straus that is partially blocked. Curran is rocked by a left hand and Straus is pouring it on! Curran is definitely hurt, but Straus pushes him up against the fence. Curran can not get off the fence. Straus with a nice inside elbow, but is turned around by Curran. Curran is looking for the takedown, but can not get it. Curran needs to push off and land punches, but he is just holding Straus up against the fence. Straus gets the takedown with 15 seconds left to cement the victory on my card. Curran was not the same after he was deducted the point. Regardless, that was a gutsy performance by Straus. 10-9 Straus again, and we should have a new Featherweight champion.

Official Decision: Daniel Straus defeats Pat Curran by Unanimous Decision (49-45, 48-46, 48-46) 

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