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Bellator 106 results: Joe Riggs dominates in lackluster Fight Master finale

Joe Riggs and Mike Bronzoulis will fight tonight to determine the winner of Bellator’s Fight Master season 1. The winner will also be $100,000 richer. Riggs was the overwhelming favorite to win the show, so we will see if he capitalizes tonight. Bronzoulis defeated Jason Norwood, Chris Lozano, and Eric Bradley during the show to make it to the finale. Riggs defeated Rob Mills, Eric Scallan, Evan Cutts, and Cole Williams during the show for his spot.

Round 1: Both men touch gloves to start. Big leg kick from Mike to start the fight. Riggs answers with a body kick. Nice inside out leg kick from Mike. Riggs misses on a 1-2. Nice jab from Riggs, and Mike answers with a push kick. Leg kick from Mike and he is chopping him down. Big kick from Riggs misses. Mike with a nice hook and Riggs answers with a flurry. Another leg kick from Mike. Head kick from Mike misses. Riggs catches a kick and gets a great takedown on an outside trip. Mike is up against the fence, but he is throwing hammerfists from the bottom. Joe gets up and quickly gets one hook in on the back. Riggs gets the second hook in and is fishing for the rear naked choke. Good scramble from Mike, but Riggs has control. Hammerfists to the side of the head finishes the round. Joe Riggs has the round on my card 10-9

Round 2: Great takedown from the clinch by Joe Riggs. Mike is up against the fence again and Riggs is landing some ground and pound. Mike gets up and pushes Riggs up against the fence. Riggs immediately switches him back and is bleeding. It looks to be his left eyebrow and is probably from a headbutt. Left hand lands for Riggs and he pushes Mike back on the fence. Big body kick from Mike on the exit. Mike with a nice knee to the body, but gets taken down from it. Riggs to side control and is not really throwing anything. Riggs takes the back beautifully. Both hooks are in, and again Riggs is fishing for the choke again. Mike gets back to his feet, but Riggs is relentless and again gets his back. Riggs was too high on the back and Mike gets in Riggs’ guard. Riggs throwing elbows and submissions from the bottom to end the round. Joe Riggs wins that round for overall control 10-9.

Round 3: Bronzoulis misses a head kick, but rushes in with a crazy flurry. Nothing really landed, though. Riggs with a big takedown slam off the double leg. Riggs is in half-guard. Riggs gets the back again with one hook in. Riggs gets the second hook and is once again fishing for the choke. Riggs is just patiently riding Mike’s back with both hooks in. Mike simply can not get up. Mike gets to his feet, but Joe Riggs stays on his back! Mike finally spins him over and gets Riggs on his back, but too little too late. Riggs will definitely win that fight 30-27

Official Decision: Joe Riggs wins by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


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